They work in up to 40 different languages. Being integrated into the virtual assistant can also be used to reply messages, answer the phone or ask for directions. They cost $ 159.

Google introduced its Pixel Buds, headphones that translate from one language to another in real time. Thus it is enough that the emissary says a phrase in English so that the receiver hears that same phrase in Japanese.

It was one of the products where the benefits of artificial intelligence became clear, a concept that was present throughout the product launch of the computer giant.

The headphones are integrated with the Google Assistant virtual assistant, which can also be used to answer the phone, play music, ask for directions to a site or send a message. To activate these options you have to give a small blow to the right handset. That way “wakes up” the assistant who responds to voice commands.

The battery has an autonomy of five hours and is loaded in the same box where they come stored, as with AirPods.

It is necessary to emphasize that although the company describes them as wireless they are not at all, since they come united with a small cord.

The Pixel Buds are worth USD 159 and can be ordered online.