And it was not the only one reason that changed indexes today. Soft reports from the USA and Fed’s announcement of the hike, all has its influence on stocks this Thursday.

Both, Asian region and the USA lost the ground during the early trades today. Economic data in the US showed unexpectedly low results. Fed officials announced its hawkish mood for the further interest rates hike and Donald Trump is currently under investigation of possible influence on the justice system.

Global S&P e-mini futures had lost 0.3 percent on Thursday, while, at the same time, the biggest Asian-Pacific index MSCI out of Japan lost 0.7 percent. During the last few days, it showed a slight increase, but the new fall broke its pace for the whole week.

Meanwhile, Japanese main index Nikkei lost 0.3 percent on the strong yen and economic uncertainty inside the country.

Spread betters predict the tentative beginning of work for all three main European indexes today. They expect to see that British FTSE index will lose 0.1 percent, despite surprisingly strong economic data published earlier this week. Theresa May’s decision to make new allies in Parliament and support her own Party with a majority in the vote has increased its indexes yesterday. However, it wasn’t obviously enough to stop anxiety over the upcoming Brexit negotiations between the UK officials and the EU representatives.

German index DAX is going to start the work from a flat position, according to the experts.