Dakota pipeline will be analyzed again

The USA judge has released an order to make another analysis of possible consequences of the work of North Dakota pipeline.

Yesterday, the judge has signed an order for specialists to give another report on environment near the scandalous pipeline. It gave slight hopes for many environmentalists as well as local activist to see this oil line shut in the nearest months.

James Boasberg is the representative of the USA from Washington who admitted that engineers made a mistake and must properly reconsider all danger for the environment of the oil pollution. These territories belong to Sioux people, and arbiter believes that there must be done a proper investigation of the effect from the pipe.

The work of pipeline was not stopped but activists hope that it will be possible later in the date. Dakota line began the delivery of crude last month.

The judge will see both sides to discuss their further steps next week. It is expected that Sioux will be asking to shut down the 3.7 billion dollars pipeline.

Boasberg made his decision and documented it on 90 pages. It says that despite the Army’s perfect pursuance of rules, federal permission for the land violates the existing law.

He said that engineers from the USA Corps did not review properly the impact of the oil drop on the land. It violates the environment laws, fishing and hunting rights on this territory.

Judge offers to reconsider analysis of environment and pipeline’s effect on it.

The Sioux Nation sued the Army Corps over the pipeline building.