Analysts expect the total fail of the new line of iPhones. However, Apple is ready to take risks. Apple stocks received the bullish prognosis from Credit Suisse.

The company has recently confirmed their previous report on Apple and repeated its one-year forecast for 170 dollars share price, which is 16 percent more than the actual price on Tuesday’s market.

Meanwhile, Apple is ready for the huge demand for their new phones, according to the data from product suppliers in Asia.

This week stocks of the big tech companies at the Wall Street went down, dragged by Apple low forecasts for the new iPhone sales. It forced NASDAQ index to lose the income and jumped back. Some of the investors considered this as a sign of the biggest drop in the tech sector.

Other experts hurried to assure traders that there will be no decrease in this sector as it is still one of the main port of the modern world.

Meanwhile, stocks of Apple Company went down and lost 5 percent during the few last days, which is almost 40 billion dollars at the market.

However, analysts from Credit Suisse assure Wall Street that Apple will raise its sales in the nearest future, as iPhone 8, despite its increased price, still will be on demand.

They have spoken with suppliers from Asia, and sure that Apple is preparing for the growth in sales. They believe that with the higher prices come new level of service.